The Titanium Nua Electrica E-Bike Has A Self-Charging Motor

With a love for two-wheel transportation, the talented engineers at Nua take pride in focusing on the details to produce elegant, minimalist bikes. The Nua Electrica e-bike is the latest in their lineup, boasting a clean silhouette and a self-charging mode.

The sleek e-bike is powered by the Zehus Bike+ electric motor and battery hybrid. Thanks to an innovative design, the battery, sensors, and controllers are all integrated into the motor, which means it can be used as a self-charging bike when needed. Through regenerative braking, which converts kinetic energy into an energy that can be used immediately or stored for later use, the system of the bike can juice itself up. You’ll be able to ride in the assisted mode for 18.6 miles or enjoy an infinite range in the self-charging mode under the appropriate riding conditions. The 28-pound commuter is built with a titanium frame and has a carbon belt drive, Sugino Pista crankset, Brooks leather grips, and Mavic wheels. The smooth-riding Nua Electrica e-Bike is set to go for $4,500.

Purchase: $4,500