NSR Riding Bicycle Tour Camping Tent

Cycling, especially for long stretches, can be a very enjoyable and rewarding experience to those that partake in it. But, most rides are shaped around heading back home, to a hotel, or another predetermined location. Well now, you can let the road be your guide, so long as you’ve brought with you the NSR Riding Bicycle Tour Camping Tent.

What makes this particular pop-up special is that it was specifically designed to house both you and your precious bike within its windproof walls – which is an excellent alternative to leaving your bike outside in the elements (or to potentially be stolen). It can also be collapsed into an under-saddle pannier for out-of-the-way storage during your ride and, since it weighs just 3.7 pounds total, it’s hardly an imposition on your adventure. And the ripstop fabric and aluminum poles are built to last. Get out on the road and in one of these temporary shelters today for $299.

Purchase: $299