Nozipp Magnetic Sleeping Bag

Zippers can be such a drag. They snag, are unreliable and, worst of all, rust. Thankfully, outdoorsmen over at Nozipp had enough as well and are now in the Kickstarter phase of their zipperless sleeping bag concept. And we for one are quite excited.

Each Nozipp bag replaces zippers with high strength, precisely aligned magnets. The system provides both quicker and more reliable means of opening and closing the bag. It also features innovative temperature control, allowing the user to sleep comfortably in temperatures ranging from 15°F to 65°F. The layout of the magnets in the bag increases the level of comfort along with increasing the potential range of motion while tucked in at night. It uses ripstop nylon for the inner and outer shell ,and is stuffed with 850+ fill down, engineered to retain heat even when wet. The bag will retail for $549. [Purchase]