NOVITEC Squeezes More Power Out Of McLaren’s 765LT With An 855HP Kit

It’s an objective fact that McLaren produces some of the most exotic and high-performance vehicles on the planet, but for those looking for “a bit” extra from the already insanely-top-shelf British supercars, there’s Bavarian tuning outfit, NOVITEC. The company is already well-acquainted with McLaren’s cars, having previously produced kits for the marque’s 602R, GT, 720, and even its million-dollar Senna hypercar. Now, hot on the heels of debuting its latest Ferrari F8 Tributo, NOVITEC has once again returned to the famed British brand to deliver a new kit for the McLaren 765LT.

This new kit takes the 765 Long Tail’s 754hp 4.0L twin-turbocharged V8 and treats it to a suite of aerodynamic, braking, suspension, wheel, forced induction system upgrades, and mapping and delivery improvements, including an exhaust system with custom headers and the buyer’s choice of carbon fiber or gold plated tailpipes. In its highest spec, the kit allows for a horsepower and torque output of 855 and 662ft-lbs, which translates to sub-2.5-second 0-60mph times and a top speed exceeding 200mph. As per usual, NOVITEC hasn’t revealed the pricing for any of its latest kit, though interested parties can request further information via NOVITEC’s website linked below.

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