The ‘SoundBeamer’ Transmits Crystal-Clear Audio Directly To Your Brain

Wireless headphones have become one of the hottest commodities for tech-savvy music connoisseurs over the past couple of years, but soon, you may not need them for day-to-day listening. Thanks to Israel’s Noveto Systems, a cutting-edge audio system has made its way into the market, marking a possible end for personalized peripherals.

The SoundBeamer 1.0, as it’s been dubbed, features a truly futuristic design, allowing it to identify and track the position of your ears to create a three-dimensional “pocket” of audio. As such, the device can send ultrasonic sound waves directly to your brain without the need for today’s small, unintuitive mediums. Oddly enough, each example will be uniquely attuned to your person, meaning that you’ll be able to partake in your favorite music, podcasts, and shows without impeding the privacy of others. There’s also an ability to create your very own static 360-degree sound space, as well as a “moving” capsule that will audio to follow you within your immediate area. If you’re interested in understanding the SoundBeamer’s amazing technology on a deeper level, head to Noveto’s website. The device is slated to release sometime in December of 2021.

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