North of the Sun Cabin in Norway

May 9, 2014

Category: Living

To most people, the idea of roughing it for nine months in Norway, let alone nine months in a remote and uninhabited bay in the Lofoten Islands, sounds both silly and suicidal. To Norwegian surfers Inge Wegge and Jørn Ranum, it sounded like the makings of a movie.

Hell-bent on spending the better part of a year catching amazing waves while living like hermits, the daredevil duo have turned their adventure into a movie, North of the Sun, that’s available on Vimeo to rent for $5 or buy for $10. See how they survive in a shelter built from driftwood. Marvel at their resolve as they scrounge for food. And – brace yourself – feel their pain as they try to make it without a cell phone signal for 270 days.

North of the Sun Cabin in Norway 2

North of the Sun Cabin in Norway 3

North of the Sun Cabin in Norway 4

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