Introducing North’s Stylish App-Friendly Smart Glasses With AR Tech

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As time goes by, the sci-fi technology we thought would never come to fruition is popping up. One brilliant example of this is North’s custom-made Focals smart glasses, which give you a digital edge to tackle life’s everyday obstacles.

Bringing together the best of smartphones and eyewear, Focals features a digital display only you can see, so you can stay on top of your day. You can manage a variety of apps and features, including Slack, Gmail, calendar, Amazon Alexa, text messaging, Uber, Spotify, and even flight updates. The app-paired glasses boasts an exceptional full-color retina projection for sharp images floating at an arm’s length in front of you. For superior durability and performance, the glasses are anti-reflective, scratch-resistant, and water-repellent. You can even utilize sun clips to turn the Focals into sunglasses for outdoor use. It also comes with the Loop — a ring with a four-directional joystick — so you can toggle through apps and information effortlessly. You can get a pair of North’s smart glasses right now, starting at $599.

Purchase: $599+