Salomon’s Snowboard & Pint Glass Set Honors The Iconic Mt. Bachelor

Basking in its own spotlight by standing apart from the Three Sisters, Mt. Bachelor is a stratovolcano that offers winter sports practitioners a chance to shred amidst beautiful surroundings. To honor the beloved mountain, North Drinkware and Salmon Snowboards teamed up to create the 2020 Mt. Bachelor Collection.

The collection consists of the Mt. Bachelor Super 8 Splitboard 2020 and Mt. Bachelor Super Eight Pint Set. To shred the powdered mountain top, the Salomon Super Eight free-ride snowboard features a setback stance, C/FX Basalt reinforcement for responsiveness at blazing speeds, a premium sintered base with a stone finish, and a detailed USGS data of the mountain. Complementing the sleek snowboard is the limited box set containing two custom-etched handblown 16-ounce pint glasses with USGS Mt. Bachelor data molded expertly into the base. You’ll find precise details of the 9,068-foot volcano from the Summit Bowls to the Cinder Cone in the glass, which is handmade in Portland, Oregon. The Super Eight Pint Set is available this second for $230, and you can pre-order the Super 8 Splitboard 2020 today for $849.

Purchase: $849