Noria Home Air Conditioner

Those of us who aren’t blessed with central air conditioning are probably the only ones who dread those warm sunny days ahead. And after a long day’s work, there’s really nothing worse than coming home to an oven of a house. AC units are our only hope for comfort. But they can be quite cumbersome in design and pragmatism. Luckily, the Noria Home Air Conditioner is here to provide us with some relief.

Noria is designed to address all the pain points involved with current window air conditioners from the size and appearance to the dreadful noise. The Noria is elegantly crafted and easy to install. Not to mention remote connectivity and schedule creation all handled from your smartphone or tablet. The unit is controlled via Bluetooth and the creation of schedules means coming home to a comfortable dwelling without leaving the unit on all day. Also, the fresh air mode pulls in clean air from the outdoors on those cooler nights all while maintaining the desired temperature. One unit can cool a 10’x16’ bedroom, and two can cool a 330 square foot room. Reservations for units start at $300 on their Kickstarter page. [Purchase]

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