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Nordgreen’s Minimalist Pioneer Chronograph Honors Danish Innovation

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When it comes to innovative construction and design, Nordgreen is hard to beat. Whether its a byproduct of their unique location, their homeland’s commitment to a clean, sustainable future, or their functional collaboration with Bang & Olufsen’s lauded designer, Jakob Wagner, the brand has served as a beacon for elaborate Danish watchmaking. Now, they’ve created a fashionable Chronograph to commemorate their long-winded journey.

The Nordgreen Pioneer is a testament to stylish craftsmanship, offering wearers a sleek, tailor-made timepiece that exudes an aura of reliable professionalism. A dual-dial watch face makes way for the Pioneer’s clean, minimalist aesthetic, bringing the example’s subtle 42mm stainless steel case, domed sapphire glass, and intricately-designed hands into the limelight. To pay homage to Danish innovation, Nordgreen has also opted to include a tasteful third-hand stopwatch, which boasts a unique red tip inspired by Denmark’s iconic energy-conscious windmills. Whether you’re looking for a fashionable peripheral that’s rooted in timeless lineage, or a unique example that promotes the pursuit of a sustainable future, Nordgreen’s Pioneer is paving the way for simplistic style. The watch is available now for $280 via the company’s website, use the code HICONSUMPTION to get a 20% discount on your purchase.

Purchase: $280