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This Modular Grill Packs 4 Traditional Cooking Styles Into 1 Adaptable Setup

Summer might be wrapping up relatively fast, but that doesn’t mean that the season for outdoor grilling is at its end. While it might not be viable to head out into the blistering cold to put your favorite cut of meat onto the grill top, Noori has made quick, modular cooking all-the-more accessible with the attractive V01.

Thanks to the Noori V01’s modular layout, it’s easily transportable, allowing you to move it, store it, and utilize it wherever there’s enough room to grill safely. It arrives with the ability to conform to your own specific cooking style, taking wood fire, charcoal embers, and transitioning from a stove, to a grill, a pizza oven, and eventually, a fire pit. Better yet, this permaculture vertical stove was built to optimize fuel combustion while cooking, affording chefs and grillmasters the ability to carry out their recipes more efficiently than with a traditional gas grill. Whether you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing cooking accessory to use during the warmer months or a modular setup that can be pulled out of inclement weather with ease, the Noori V01 is quite possibly the coolest grill we’ve seen. If you’re interested in picking up one of your own, head to the company’s website, where the V01 is available for $5,990.

Purchase: $5,990