Nooka Nookrono Chronograph Watch

When we first heard the Space Race was the inspiration for the design of these NOOKRONO chronograph-style watches, we thought they meant that whole thing with Lance Bass trying to go to Mars or whatever. Fortunately, they do not.

And the “they” in this case is New York fashion brand NOOKA, the makers of the four limited edition chronograph models, each with a dial and face reminiscent of spaceship launchpads, the kind that the US and USSR were rushing to in the 50s and 60s. NOOKA is handling the custom quartz movement in-house, with the unisex design featuring three hands on the face and three minimalist registers. Choose from NOOKRONO Steel or Multi, each with soft silicone bands and clear mineral crystal; NOOKRONO Night with a stainless stell band and green sapphire crystal; or NOOKRONO Lux with an 18K gold-plated face and band and clear sapphire crystal. [Purchase]

Nooka Nookrono Watch 2

Nooka Nookrono Watch 3

Nooka Nookrono Watch 4

Nooka Nookrono Watch 5

Nooka Nookrono Watch 6