NOMATIC Travel Bag

Aug 2, 2016

Category: Gear

If a mad scientist put a travel duffel, a backpack, and dresser into some sort of evil device and switched it on, we’re pretty sure that this Travel Bag from NOMATIC is what would result.

With up to twenty different features ranging from laptop sleeves to RFID blocking compartments for valuable cards, this is a veritable multi-tool of travel companions. Have a bunch of dirty laundry you’ve accumulated on a trip down south? Keep it separate from the rest of your clothes with the integrated laundry bag. Need some extra space for some books you’re reading? Pack your clothes into the vacuum sealing bag. Want to bring trainers? There’s a compartment for that, too. Of course, these features designed by Jacob Durham and Jon Richards out of Salt Lake City, Utah only scratch the surface. Users also have the ability to wear the bag in their preferred style, on their back,  shoulder, or in their hand like a tote. While you’d think it’d go without saying, like any good travel bag, this one from NOMATIC is the regulated size for a carryon item. Prices are set at $179. [Purchase]

NOMATIC Travel Bag 1

NOMATIC Travel Bag 8

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NOMATIC Travel Bag 10
NOMATIC Travel Bag 2

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