Nomad Ultra Rugged Cable Series

Alright. You’ve done it. You’ve picked up that fancy new phone you’ve had your eyes on. Right now – everything looks great. No cracks on the screen, you haven’t lost your headphones yet, and most importantly – your brand new, super clean and sturdy looking charging cable has no frays in it. Don’t expect that to last for long. We doubt they’re as tough as Nomad’s Ultra Rugged Battery Cable.

These cables are so tough they are guaranteed to last for up to 5 years. We doubt your phone will even last that long to say nothing of the cable it came with. The reason why Nomad is so sure of their 5 foot long cables is because they are contained in a kevlar core, feature a reinforced RF shielding for fast synching, and are wrapped up in a PVC jacket that itself is covered by a an ultra tough 1000D nylon exterior. It is like a burrito of electronic dependability. Just don’t eat it. You can get this cable in one of three different configurations; a lightning battery cable with an in-line backup, a lightning cable for your Apple devices, or a universal cable for all of your devices.

Purchase: $40

Nomad Ultra Rugged Cable Series 0

Nomad Ultra Rugged Cable Series 1

Nomad Ultra Rugged Cable Series 2

Nomad Ultra Rugged Cable Series 3