Nomad Survival Bow

Want to pack light but still come prepared for any situation? This Nomad Survival Bow is built for just that. Fitting into a small 16 inch long pouch, this bow can be assembled without any tools and put away just as easily.

Ideal for the outdoor enthusiast, backpacker, hunter or survivalist – this thing is ready to shoot when you are. Comprised of two fiberglass and resin limbs, the bow was designed with both durability and portability in mind. The three arrows that come with the bow are also made to be broken down for easy carry – once taken out of the pouch, they can be screwed together with ease. The bow has a 45 pound draw and a draw length between 26 and 28 inches, so while you’re not going to be putting up the biggest game of your life, it may come in handy when you’d least expect it. Built right here in the USA, this thing retails fro $100. [Via]
Purchase: $100

Nomad Survival Bow 1

Nomad Survival Bow 3