Nokia 3310

Over the past decade as phones have become both smarter and more breakable, Nokia has been looked back on with kind eyes. Their old phones weren’t the best by any means, but they sure wouldn’t crack on some unlucky drop. The Swedish based technology company is now looking to capitalize on some of that tech nostalgia with a re-release of their famous Nokia 3310.

The first stat that caught our eye on this old brick was the battery life. This thing can function without a charge for up to a full month. Not bad when compared to most cell phones today. Of course, this is due in part to the fact that the phone isn’t capable of doing too much. No apps to be found here. Just a simple call function, and other now-basics like a small 2 megapixel camera, color screen, and MP3 player. No worries for those who look to their phone to disengage or fiddle around while riding the metro or waiting for friends. The Nokia 3310 will come with the legendarily simple and addicting game of snake. The phone’s expected to retail for $55. [Purchase]