Noke Bluetooth Padlock

Dec 4, 2019

Category: Tech

There’s nothing worse than fumbling through that combination lock, trying your best to remember the combo. Or better yet, how about when you lose the key to your padlock? The team at FUZ Designs are changing all of this by introducing Noke.

Crowned the world’s first Bluetooth padlock, this thing is a real game changer. Keys, combos, forget about all that noise. Simply walk up to the Noke, give it a click, and it will automatically communicate with your Bluetooth device, all without you ever having to remove your phone from your pocket. You can even share access with friends and family using the app. The Noke itself is constructed from a durable, water-resistant shell, with absolutely no buttons, and an easy to replace battery (no tools required). Now what if you’re phone dies? No problem. You can also program your own “tap code” when your smartphone is unavailable, ensuring you’ll never be stranded again. The lock is set to hit the retail scene in February, 2015. [Purchase]

Noke Bluetooth Padlock 2

Noke Bluetooth Padlock 3

Noke Bluetooth Padlock 4

Noke Bluetooth Padlock 5

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