Noem Prefabricated Eco Modular Homes

Jan 28, 2019

Category: Living

Calling Noem the Chipotle of homebuilding might not be the analogy they’re looking for, but we mean it in the best sense. Both brands pride themselves on being fast, efficient, and with a focus on natural and sustainable materials.

But forget burritos for a second and let’s talk about Noem. What they do is design and build tailor-made, high-tech homes in a matter of weeks. These are modern, ecological, prefabricated modular homes with a minimalist style that look divine, but yeah, they might not be approved by your local homeowners association. Noem makes a point of only using natural materials like locally sourced wood while stressing energy efficiency and a petite carbon footprint. Each home is fully customized to the buyer’s wants. Go grab a slice of land somewhere and get started.

Noem Prefabricated Eco Modular Homes 2

Noem Prefabricated Eco Modular Homes 3

Noem Prefabricated Eco Modular Homes 4

Noem Prefabricated Eco Modular Homes 5

Noem Prefabricated Eco Modular Homes 6

Noem Prefabricated Eco Modular Homes 7

Noem Prefabricated Eco Modular Homes 8

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