Noblecamper Dog Sleeping Bag

We just read that the most popular dog name right now is ‘Ace.’ Cool name, but just know that if you’re gonna name your dog Ace, you’re gonna have to treat him better than a Max, Fido, or Bandit. Start the pooch-pampering by giving him his very own sleeping bag, the Noblecamper.

Starting at $159 and available in three sizes, the Noblecamper can function as a standard dog bed, sure, but a pull of the zipper also turns it into a semi-covered sleeping bag, because mosquitoes like dog blood too. (At least we think they do.) When morning comes, it wraps up into a compression sack and is easily carried—by you, not your dog. Then again, if his name is Ace, maybe he does have a few tricks up his hairy sleeve. [Purchase]

Noblecamper Dog Sleeping Bag 3

Noblecamper Dog Sleeping Bag 4

Noblecamper Dog Sleeping Bag 5