This Prefab Home Is An Isolated Eco-Friendly Jungle Escape

Aug 30, 2019

Category: Living

Anyone with a basic background in design can realize a unique architectural project. But the mark of a true master is to take into account the surrounding landscape in his or her designs. Made by A-01, the No Footprint House is just such a project.

Tucked into the Costa Rican jungle, this gorgeous abode definitely features mid-century throwback design cues — making for a stand-out silhouette at any angle. But it was also made with modern sensibilities. You see, it features an open floorplan that hinges on two things: optimizing both airflow and shade and centralizing the utility spaces. By placing the kitchen, laundry, bathroom, and closets all at the center of the house, the structure feels bigger than it is and allows for cool breezes to blow through and help cool things down on those warm and humid summer days. Best of all, the NFH is a prototype — with the intention of turning it into a prefab project in the future. Keep an eye on A-01’s site for more information.

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