Nixon Unit Tide Watch

For surfers, determining the right time to paddle out is part of the never-ending quest to finding the perfect wave. And for those who aren’t aware, tide swings and depths play a significant role in wave quality, either increasing your chances of scoring or once again leaving you skunked out in the lineup.

Luckily Nixon feels this pain and, thanks to their Unit Tide watches, looks to ease in the struggles of surf prediction. Their waterman-inspired design features a large graph on the face displaying current tide conditions and 48 hours of past and future tidal swings. This perk isn’t just for your local break either. Its custom digital module provides pre-programmed tide info for 270 beaches worldwide through the year 2023. The Unit Tide also boasts style in addition to surf appeal with an aluminum dial ring for color and a large 45mm case with a free swing band. And don’t forget the polycarbonate case, silicone bezel, and molded silicone band locking looper for enhanced durability and comfort, especially when chasing that endless summer. Prices start at $120. [Purchase]