Nixon Ultratide Smart Surf Watch

The Nixon Ultratide is powered by Surfline to bring unprecedented amounts of surf data right to the user’s wrist, forever changing the landscape of how surf report information is delivered — in real-time.

Through over two years of research and development, Nixon has created what’s being touted as the world’s smartest surf watch. Surf watches in the past were only able to use predicted information, but the Ultratide has the ability to see 10x more detail than any other wristwatch on the market. The Ultratide doesn’t require any cords to sync or charge, as it syncs with your smartphone via Bluetooth and uses a long-lasting coin cell battery. It has a high resolution display and has an auto-geolocate function that will find the nearest surf spot to your current location. The Ultratide has real-time access to Surfline’s global network of over 2,700 surf locations and is constantly growing, and you can create custom surf alerts for your favorite spots to notify you when the surf is good. The Ultratide will be available in 3 colors on April 22, with three more colors available on May 15. [Purchase]