NIU’s Cutting-Edge 100MPH RQi-GT Is A Game-Changing Electric Smart Bike

NIU Technology first emerged on to the scene in 2017, seeking to revolutionize zero-emissions personal urban mobility via the introduction of a shockingly-well-rounded $800 electric scooter. The scoot’s range, performance, and price point made the company’s inaugural two-wheeler a very attractive offering to the riding public, so much so that its pre-sale crowd-funding camping would break the eight-figure-mark. Now, on the heels of the Shanghai company’s earlier success, NIU has just pulled the cover of its first bonafide electric motorcycle model with the RQi-GT.

Unveiled this week at CES 2020, the RQi is kicked along by a 30kW (40hp) mid-mounted motor which was developed in house by NIU. Capable of propelling the RQi up to 100mph, the motor draws energy from a pair of removable Panasonic Lithium-ion batteries that offer a combined capacity of 7kWh, translating to an 80-mile-range. Placing the RQi squarely into the “smart bike” category is its 5G, Bluetooth, and GPS connectivity, anti-theft and tracking features, a full-color TFT display, a dedicated app with real-time diagnostics, wireless firmware updates, and a host of rider aids including traction controls, ABS, and multiple power modes. The thing also gets various carbon fiber pieces and lean-angle-sensitive adaptive headlights that look into/through corners as the bike turns. Pricing has yet to be released though NIU says the RQi-GT is slated to enter production in the second half of 2020.

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