Nitromousse Bulletproof Inner Tubes

Even the world’s toughest all-terrain tires are susceptible to punctures — which can be a major drag when riding a dual-sport, motocross-ready, or adventure motorcycle. But, the flat-proof alternatives available on the market often feel dead, heavy, and can negatively impact the overall ride. Fortunately, there’s now a solution that combines the best of both worlds: the Nitromousse bulletproof inner tubes.

Made from a never-go-flat foam, these tire inserts ensure that, regardless of how gnarly the terrain, you’ll be able to keep on riding. You could even shoot a hole through your tire with a gun and then head back out on the trails. But these ones also boast a game-changing construction of a high-nitrogen micro-matrix of proprietary elastomers, which makes them feel like you’re riding on cushy air-filled tires, completely eliminating the dreaded “dead feel.” That makes them a lot more dynamic than their competition while still offering all the protection you could possibly need. They’re also impact-resistant, absorb slight bumps, are remarkably lightweight, and can perform admirably at temperatures of 30-100+ degrees Fahrenheit. Best of all, they’re available in a wide variety of tire sizes, so you should be able to find ones that work with your bike.

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