Nitecore Tiny Monster TM16GT Flashlight

Nitecore’s latest Tiny Monster flashlight, the TM16GT, pushes out 3,600 lumens to over 3,000 feet away. Basically, that’s like having your own personal searchlight in the palm of your hand.

The flashlight comes with five brightness levels, each tailored to different situations. The less lumens you’re using, the longer the battery will last. In fact, on its lowest setting, users will get a whopping 610 hours of use. However, at its highest setting of 3,600 lumens, the battery lasts just one hour. The handy light features Advanced Temperature Regulation technology that constantly monitors its own internal temperature, and adjusts the brightness output in a gradual manner so that it doesn’t overheat, meaning that you can run it in the highest brightness without it burning your hand. It’s powered by four 2,300mAh Li-ion rechargeable batteries. Pricing information is not yet available. [Purchase]