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Nitecore Launches The World’s Smallest 4,000-Lumen EDC Keychain Flashlight

Both literally and figuratively, flashlights are brilliant. But, as is the case with every invention, there are always ways to tweak and improve them. Nitecore is obviously no stranger to innovation in that regard, and they’ve just unveiled their latest big step in the realm of portable illumination in the T4K keychain flashlight.

What really sets this torch apart is that it actually clocks in as the world’s smallest 4,000-lumen flashlight — meaning it’s bright enough to be considered blinding and small enough that you can connect it to your keychain for easier hauling. As if that ultra-bright performance and diminutive silhouette aren’t enough, it can also run for up to 67 hours on a single charge of its li-ion battery, it has a pocket clip for those not interested in keychain carry, and it weighs just 2.72 ounces. There’s no word yet on price, but this pocket powerhouse should hit shelves soon.

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