This Ultra-Tiny Titanium Keychain Knife Has A Replaceable Blade

We are staunch believers that everyone should carry a knife with them whenever reasonable, but we also understand that it’s hard for some folks to justify carrying a dedicated, full-size cutting tool. Thankfully, there are a number of super-compact alternatives on the market. And the keychain knife category just got even better with the introduction of Nitecore’s NTK05.

Built from sturdy titanium, this 3.82″ (total) folder weighs less than most credit cards — making it more than compact enough to fit on even the most crowded of keychains. Perfect for opening packages, doing away with pesky loose strings on your clothing, and other utility-focused tasks, this micro-size knife also has another big bonus: a replaceable blade. Securely locked on the knife when attached, the No. 11 scalpel blade can be removed and replaced with a new one whenever it gets too dull or chips — giving this knife even more longevity than others in its class. In fact, it even comes with two blades to get you started. Though details on pricing and availability have yet to be unveiled, we imagine Nitecore will roll the NTK05 out shortly.

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