Nite Ize Reflective Rope

Setting up camp follows the same loose script for pretty much everyone; take off your pack, stretch a little, find a spot for the tent (after removing rocks), and start setting up the tent. Most likely, you’ll just string it up with regular rope – but if you are among a wiser set of camper, you’ll be using the Nite Ize reflective cord.

This sturdy 2.4mm nylon rope has reflective strips woven into it, making it so when someone heads out to heed nature’s call in the middle of the night, their headlamp will shine off of all the ropes. While this simple solution has reduced the number of collapsed tents in the world, it doesn’t mean they have to be used exclusively for tent setup – the cord also works great as a lanyard for knives. Each pack contains a 50 foot long rope and retails for just $12. [Purchase]

Nit Ize Reflective Cord 0

Nit Ize Reflective Cord 1