FLAT HAT 3D Treats Nissan’s Z Prototype To A Widebody Kit & A 935-Style Flatnose

Late last year Nissan announced it would be releasing a modernized version of the Datsun Z that’s slated to enter production by the end of 2021. In addition to the announcement, Nissan also revealed renderings of the prototype model, combining aesthetic traits of the 1970s Datsuns with that of Nissan’s modern Z lineup.

Despite the cult-nature of Datsun’s 240, 260, and 280Zs, the prototype largely failed to resonate with fans of the original Fairlady’s. Recognizing its visual shortcomings, Ted Li of FLAT HAT 3D Studio has returned to the drawing board with the prototype Japanese V6, tweaking its bodywork and bestowing it with the iconic slantnose front-end from Porsche’s 935. Based on an actual modified, slantnose 350Z build, the SEMA award-winning studio’s restyled renders include a full wide body kit with a revised hood, dramatically flared fenders, a massive rear wing, and a redesigned rear end, complete with burnt and blued titanium muffler tips poking out from the bodywork. To see more of the project, you can check out the FLAT HAT 3D Studio website linked below.

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