Nissan Xmotion SUV Concept

Storytelling is inherit to the design process as it drives decision making in a way that creates unity and cohesiveness in a product. Concept cars are extreme examples of creative design pushed by compelling narrative, and Nissan tells the story of traditional Japanese craftsmanship meeting modern digital technologies with their recently unveiled Xmotion SUV.

The exterior of the Xmotion, pronounced cross-motion, has the bulky look of many luxury SUVs, while sitting on 21-inch wheels that appear appropriate for the gerth. On the inside you’ll find comfortable seating for six accessed by a sleek suicide door set up that allows for the complete removal of the B-pillar. Seven enormous displays engulf the interior, with screens stretching the length of the dash, peeking between the center console, and even illuminating the ceiling, which provide the modern digital technology theme. Nissan also envisions a small forest worth of wood trim to offset the screen dominated interior, built with traditional Japanese wood joinery techniques used in the construction of temples and shrines.

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