Nissan Rogue Warrior

Yesterday, we had a look at an F1 car driving down a snow-covered ski slope, and even with the chains on it, the car was having a tough time. Today, our eyes are on a vehicle that’s actually built specifically for the snow, the Nissan Rogue Warrior.

This crossover has a secret weapon to battle the winter: a full snow track system that turns the car into an SUV snow-ready beast. It stands on a set of Dominator tracks, with each track measuring 30 x 48 x 15 inches. This allows the crossover vehicle to have 23 inches of ground clearance. It has suspension modifications and a few small changes to the body to help accommodate the big tracks. But aside from the body changes and the addition of the track system, Nissan notes that it’s a stock AWD Rogue. It has a top speed of 62 mph, and it can scale a 45-degree grade hill.

Nissan Rogue Warrior 2

Nissan Rogue Warrior 3

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