Nissan’s ‘Restored By NISMO’ Service Will Make Your Classic Skyline Like New

About two years ago, Nissan announced that it would be producing brand new components for its R32, R33, and R34 GT-Rs as part of its ‘Nissan Heritage Parts’ program. At the time, the additional support for these Japanese icons was widely welcomed by auto enthusiasts, for the older these cars get, the more difficult they become to repair.

With the launch of its ‘Restored By NISMO’ service, Nissan is taking the initiative a step further. Effectively a factory restoration down to the frame, the process starts with an examination of the donor car. Should it be deemed worthy for a refresh, it’s then left up to the customer if they want to bring it back to original spec or mix it up with different trim and tuning options. Next, it’s completely disassembled and inspected for any pressing issues before being recoated and painted as it was from the factory. But that’s not all — the engine is also carefully rebuilt, with parts replaced or machined as necessary. Add to that a full examination of the wiring and a thorough interior cleaning, and you have the most all-inclusive GT-R restoration available. Should you want to spruce up your Skyline, it’ll cost $432,000.

Purchase: $432,000