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Sink Every Putt With Nissan’s Self-Driving Golf Ball

Golf is a game of patience, power, and finesse that takes dedicated time to master, especially when it comes to putting the ball. However, with the revolutionary Nissan ProPilot Golf Ball, you can putt the ball with your eyes closed and sink the shot every time.

To promote its new ProPilot 2.0 technology, which creates highly accurate map data for hands-free highway driving, Nissan placed the tech into a golf ball. Even if you putt the ball way off course, it will make a u-turn, redirecting itself to the hole. The self-driving golf ball is a miracle -worker for those who don’t have the best short game. With the ProPilot 2.0 technology, Nissan cars will include assistance with lane changing and guidance to your specific exit, in addition to a degree of hands-off driving. The ProPilot 2.0 system will launch in Japan soon with the Skyline supercar. Unfortunately, Nissan won’t be offering the self-driving golf ball, so you’ll have to work on your putting game the old fashioned way.

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