Nissan NV300 Workshop Concept Van

Nowadays, it seems like most of the concept cars we see are hardcore off-roaders made for adventure. And while they’re definitely very cool, they’re not actually all that practical in the day-to-day. But we’re here to tell you that a much more seemingly commonplace rig can also be very badass. Just look at Nissan’s NV300 workshop concept van.

Built to showcase a portable power pack based on the brand’s all-electric Leaf battery — called the Energy ROAM — this sleek black van actually hides a fully-functional and fully-stocked workspace in the back. That includes plenty of storage, a full complement of power and hand tools, a rail-mounted work stool, and even a removable standalone workbench — in case you need to do something that can’t be done inside the van, like welding. Perfect for the DIYer on-the-go, we definitely hope Nissan doesn’t shelve this brilliant idea now that they’ve unveiled it.

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