Nissan Navara EnGuard Concept

For anyone interested in the potential future of search and rescue automobiles should take a close look at the recently revealed Nissan Navara EnGuard at this year’s Hanover Motor Show in Germany. It’s based on the double-cab Tekna version of the Navara -the international version of the Frontier sold here in the US- and is full of performance upgrades.

Designed as a life-saving rescue platform, the Navara Concept is purposed to perform in some of our planet’s harshest climates. Nissan debuted their prototype battery pack with this release, including 2-kilowatt units with several battery modules that remain charged thanks to the truck’s 2.3-liter twin turbo diesel engine pushing out 187 horsepower. The truck also features a two-inch lift, a fully modular load bed with two pull out fiberglass trays built specifically for search and rescue gear and equipment, along with life jackets and oxygen tanks.

It also comes with a DJI Phantom 4 drone that can fly close to 20,000 in the air while relaying images on the truck’s pop-up HD screen hidden in the load bed wall. And, of course, it’s four-wheel-drive, built around a ladder frame chassis and features a fully adjustable performance suspense system. However, as groundbreaking as this Navara may be, let’s just hope you never find yourself in a situation where you come across one of these vehicles in real life.