Nissan Navara Dark Sky Concept

Have you ever found it difficult to pack up your observatory and lug it out into the wilderness to get the perfect view of the stars? If you answered ‘yes,’ then Nissan has a solution for you that’s out of this world. The new Nissan Navara Dark Sky Concept is a mobile observatory that’s picture perfect for the amateur astronomer who wants to venture into rugged regions to capture a glimpse of the unknown.

In collaboration with the European Space Agency, Nissan has designed a concept truck and trailer combination that doubles as a mobile astronomy lab. The latest concept to come from the Nissan Intelligent Mobility program, which seeks to create forward-thinking vehicles and technological advances for the future, the Nissan Navara Dark Sky comes built with ProPILOT driver assistance technology and powerful towing capabilities to haul the mobile observatory in back. Much more than a telescope mounted to a trailer, the mobile observatory’s purpose is to help facilitate journeys to remote locations with the all-terrain truck, so that astronomers can have a better look at “dark sky” areas that are unobscured by light pollution. Features like built-in, WiFi, a laptop station, and UHF transmission allow the driver/observer to relay data back to base instantly.

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