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Nissan Actually Built This Ultra-Futuristic ‘GT-R(X) 2050’ Concept Car

To say that there are a lot of wild concept car designs out there would be putting it mildly. However, it’s far rarer to see a legitimate automaker bring one of the said concepts to life. And that makes Nissan’s GT-R(X) 2050 concept, which they actually built, all the more special.

What’s especially interesting about the fact that Nissan really built a scale version of this car is that it was penned by an intern at Nissan Design America in La Jolla, California. The up-and-coming designer, Jaebum “JB” Choi, envisioned this concept — based on the legendary GT-R — for his final thesis as a roughly ten-foot-long by two-foot-high racer that drivers would actually lie down inside of, belly-down, almost like riding a superbike. Furthermore, Choi wanted to imbue it with hyper-futuristic technologies — imagining that the car would actually connect directly to the driver’s brain to “embody […] emotion through a physical connection” and allow for greater, more precise control. Obviously, this is not a working prototype, but the 1:1 scale model bodes well for the future of Choi and his relationship with both Nissan and the greater industry of automotive design. We’ll certainly be looking forward to what he comes up with next.

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