Nissan GT-R Police Car

As much as love gawking over this Nissan GT-R Police Car, it’s one of the last vehicles on Earth we’d want to see in our rearview mirrors while attempting to flee the scene.

Decked out in the classic black and white police paint job, this Nissan supercar is not really a cop car at all. It’s actually Forged Performance’s shop car, but the fact that it’s not an official K-9 unit squad car as the decals would indicate doesn’t make it any less awesome in our books. The 2-door sports car has even been equipped with a set of flashing red and blue lights complete with sirens. The GT-R made its official debut this past weekend in Texas at the TX2K14 festival of speed.

Nissan GT-R Police Car 2

Nissan GT-R Police Car 3