Nissan And Italdesign Just Unveiled Their 710HP GT-R 50 Production Model

Two years ago, Italdesign and Nissan announced their partnership for a groundbreaking revival project: the next-generation GT-R. Back then, the automotive community was treated to a suite of interesting renders and models that would eventually come to fruition, but no specific information, or release date, was confirmed for the iconic supercar. Now, Italdesign has unveiled the first production model of the pair’s upcoming GT-R 50 release.

Looking back on the vehicle’s renders from two years ago, we’re pleasantly surprised to see that the GT-R 50 holds true to many of the prototype’s unique design principles. It features a sleek, supple exterior that blends the angular linework of the vehicle’s most recent generation with a more refined curvature, illustrating the progression of Nissan’s terminology and an expansion into a new era of automaking. Each limited-edition example will boast a powerful NISMO-tuned 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V6 motor, producing over 710 horsepower, and can be customized to adopt virtually any of the GT-R’s historic liveries. Only 50 of these transcendental models are slated for production, so head to Italdesign’s website to reserve one of your own for an estimated $1,100,000.

Purchase: $1,100,000+