nipi Smart Cooler

We’ve seen quite a few newly designed coolers that do more than just keep your drinks cold, but the nipi Smart Cooler takes intuitive design to an entirely new level.

The nipi smart cooler supports ice retention for up to 6 days, has four cup holders built right into it, and has all terrain wheels. That sounds pretty standard so far, right? But where the nipi gets crazy is with its solar panel charger, internal LED lights, internal USB ports, external LED lighting, external USB ports, and cutting board. In fact, the solar panel can quickly generate enough power to charge a smartphone in just one hour. If you’re a cooler designer, now is about the time you’re probably throwing up your hands and re-evaluating your career choices. The nipi smart cooler is currently being funded on Kickstarter with an early bird backer price of $195, with an expected delivery set for February 2016. [Purchase]

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