Nintendo x Vans Collaboration

May 5, 2016

Category: Style

Every once in a while, a couple of brands come together for a collaboration that feels so natural it makes you wonder if they might not have already done it. We checked, this collab between Vans and Nintendo is a first, which makes it that much cooler.

All your favorite characters from the oldschool Nintendo games like Link, Mario, Princess Peach, and that annoying laughing dog from Duck Hunter are on the classic Vans high-top and low-top silhouettes. Whether you were a huge fan of the games, or just dig the patterns on these models, they’re worth keeping an eye out for. These won’t be available until June of this year, but you can bet that we’ll be throwing down all of the quarters we got to slip on a pair. [Purchase]

Nintendo Vans Collaboration 1

Nintendo Vans Collaboration 2

Nintendo Vans Collaboration 3

Nintendo Vans Collaboration 4

Nintendo Vans Collaboration 5

Nintendo Vans Collaboration 6

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