Nintendo Shrinks & Lightens The Switch For On-The-Go Gaming

A huge improvement over the flop that was the Wii U, Nintendo’s Switch has become a breakaway hit in the video game world. And while it’s relatively travel-friendly — thanks to a semi-portable design — it’s still a bit bulky for on-the-go gamers. But that’s why Nintendo has shrunk it down into the Switch Lite.

The Switch Lite is, essentially, a fully-featured gaming console that can play any existing or future Switch games that are playable in Handheld Mode. It even still offers online connectivity and local wireless gaming. But there are a few major differences. For starters, it’s significantly smaller and over 30% lighter than the full-sized version — making it far better for traveling gamers. Of course, that also comes with a few downsides: there’s no dock, the Joycon controllers are permanently attached, and the screen is slightly smaller. Still, with three available colorways, a Pokemon special edition, and a price tag of only $200, the drawbacks are far outweighed by the benefits. The Nintendo Switch Lite is set for a release on September 20th of this year with pre-orders opening soon.

Purchase: $200