Customize Your Switch Video Game Console Directly Through Nintendo

When it comes to self-expression and the creation of memorable gaming experiences, customization has always been key. And since Nintendo is likely one of the industry’s most community-oriented brands, it was an obvious choice for them to create a unique customization program to help players show their true colors.

The company’s Nintendo Switch Customization Program is an all-new outpost for gamers of every shade to customize their handset prior to buying. After making your way to Nintendo’s Japanese website, buyers will be able to choose between ten different Joy-Con controller and strap color options, as well as memory upgrades, carrying cases, personalization pieces, and games, creating the perfect handheld system for each specific individual. Whether you’re looking for solid tonal choices like slate grey, black, or red, or you’re privy to mixing things up with offset color combinations like yellow and purple, you’ll be able to personalize your new Nintendo Switch however you see fit. Head to the company’s customization page, where you’ll be able to build your $300+ Switch from the ground up.

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