Nintendo Super Famicom Light Gun Concept

One of the best things Nintendo did with their first home console was release the NES Zapper – the gun used to play the fascinatingly frustrating game, Duck Hunt. Unfortunately, when the Super NES came out years later, its light gun peripheral (the Super Scope) was a hulkingly ugly ill-performing bazooka by comparison. If only it had been more like this Famigun concept by digital artist and designer, Alan Williams.

For those not in the know, Super Famicom is the Japan-only version of the SNES console and was, arguably, better styled than the American release. And the Famigun concept takes its cues right from the Japanese release – albeit with a much more aggressive industrial edge. We know what you’re thinking: isn’t it a little too late to come out with a peripheral for a long-dead console? Well, with all the retro hype and official Nintendo rereleases, we say it’s never too late to give the fans what they want – and what we want is this.

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