Nintendo’s AR RC Car Turns Your Living Room Into A Mario Kart Racetrack

Have you ever wanted to play as your favorite Mario Kart character in a real, tangible environment? While the games have served to enamor generations of players since their debut in 1992, fans have been relegated to 3D (and 2D) renderings of the series’ most lovable protagonists, leaving much to be desired. Now, you’ll finally be able to hit the track in the real world, thanks to Nintendo’s Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit.

The Mario Kart Live Home Circuit system pairs with your Nintendo Switch console, allowing you to control one of the game’s karts in real-time. Each kit comes with a single vehicle, waypoint gates, and barriers, allowing you to build your favorite tracks within any area of the home. Once everything is said and done, you’ll be able to race on these tracks with the help of augmented reality environments, opening the door to jungles, snowscapes, and a variety of urban circuits. Thanks to the kart’s on-board camera, its real-life movements will be mirrored in-game, allowing you to challenge friends to a Custom Race, or Grand Prix. The $100 set will be available via Nintendo’s website on October 16.

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