Nintendo 3DS LL Famicon Edition

Though the universal popularity of Nintendo began to wane with the new millennium, that doesn’t mean those who were present still don’t appreciate a little retro throwback tribute every now and again. Nintendo piggybacked on this notion in the past and now have come full circle with their 3DS LL Famicon edition. Built to resemble the Super NES, the retro screen will meet the double-screen handheld design of the regular 3DS LL.

The Nintendo 3DS LL, released a few years back, is slightly thinner, larger, and 7 grams lighter than its predecessor. The model increased its display size (which explains the increased dimensions) and feature secondary ZL and ZR triggers in addition to a secondary analog stick. The redesign aimed to address the control problems users were facing with the original 3DS. The throwback tribute version of the 3DS LL will be available this April for approximately $190. [Purchase]