Ninja P Mini-Pump

People who don’t bring a pump along with them on a long ride do so either because they don’t know how much it sucks to get a flat in the middle of nowhere (yet), or they just don’t want to deal with throwing one in their kit. While the Ninja P Mini-Pump is no cure for fools, it does get rid of the hassle of putting a pump in your bag.

Designed to fit discreetly in your bike’s seat post, you can set this bike pump and forget it until action calls. All you have to do to use the Ninja P once installed is; remove your seat and seat post, twist off the pump, twist it one more time to open, and attach it to the tire’s valve. You may not think you’ll need it now, but if you use it even two times over the course of a few years and it’ll more than pay for itself. Lyft fare is expensive…we should know. Buy yours for $36. [Purchase]