Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort

Jan 27, 2016

Category: Living

When a resort is only accessible by helicopter, you know it’s worth checking out for yourself. With that in mind, behold the Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort, an all-inclusive family-owned and operated luxury resort set in the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia.

It has just nine private log cabins, each of which are spacious and well-outfitted. There’s more than just a few outdoor activities to partake in as well, including grizzly bear viewing, heli-fishing, whale watching, and old growth forest tours. On top of that, there’s snorkeling, fishing, kayaking and other beach activities to amuse guests. Even more impressive is the resort’s Helicopter Adventure, which explores 50,000 square miles of wilderness, taking passengers to 10,000 year old glaciers, waterfalls, pristine lakes, and remote islands. It’s the perfect North Pacific wilderness setting that will allow you to unplug, relax and take in your surroundings. Check out the video below. [Via]

Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort 2

Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort 3

Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort 4

Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort 5

Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort 6

Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort 7

Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort 8

Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort 9

Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort 11

Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort 12

Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort 13

Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort 14

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