Nikon Z7 Mirrorless Camera

It took Nikon a minute, but they have finally unveiled their first full-frame mirrorless cameras. Nikon’s Z7 and Z6 models are both ready to hit the shelves soon, but for now, we can feast on the juicy details.

Both mirrorless cameras are exceptional, however, the Z7 is clearly the flagship model. Packing a 45.7-megapixel sensor, 9 FPS continuous shooting capability, ISO sensitivity between 64-25,600, the Z7 will provide you with sharp, vibrant details in every shot you take. It also possesses a whopping 493 on-sensor AF points that cover 90% of the frame, which means the camera locks on subjects immediately when they enter the shot and tracks them throughout the frame, even up to the far edges. In addition, it also has a new hybrid autofocus, allowing it to switch between focal-plane phase-detect AF and contrast-detect AF for optimal clarity. Although it took Nikon a while to get into the full-frame mirrorless camera game, the Z7 and Z6 are proof that it was well worth the wait.

Purchase: $3,400