Nikola Zero Electric UTV

Nikola Tesla has been getting a whole lot of love recently. Not only was the first largely successful car company named after his last name, but now he has a completely electric UTV, the Nikola Zero, bearing his first name.

With enough room to fit you and three of your good friends, this thing is capable of hitting 60 miles per hour in just three seconds, and keeps on going for 150 miles. Running off of a 400V AC motor that can pump 520 horses and 476 pound feet of torque through a 4×4 all wheel drive system, this vehicle is both incredibly fast and efficient – perfect for the tree hugging off-road shredder. For taking on rugged terrain, the front and rear suspension has up to 20 inches of travel, and both the gearbox and battery are fully waterproof so you can jam through bodies of water without worrying about zapping yourself and all the fish in the river. Right now the UTV is still in pre production, but if these specs have piqued your interest enough, you can reserve one for $750, and purchase for a full $42,000. [Purchase]

Nikola Zero Electric UTV 1

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Nikola Zero Electric UTV 3

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